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Connect with the Earth & the wisdom of nature

Conscious walk


Nature heals, and walking consciously changes your inner alignment, strengthens your immune system, and puts your thoughts in order

On these special walks, we go to healing, powerful, beautiful paths to get in touch with our True Nature.
We learn to release negative thoughts and emotions into the earth and recharge with new vitalizing strength.

Conscious walks, also known as mindful walks, involve combining the practice of walking with mindfulness techniques. It’s a way to bring focused awareness to your body, surroundings, and inner experiences while engaging in the act of walking. 

Walking consciously in a group enhances our regenerating capacity and is also a lot of fun.
I look forward to seeing you!

Next Programmed Walks:
 for 2024


Meeting Point: 

Richard-Wagner-Str. 60, 82049 Pullach
Duration: 2 hours
Price: €25.-
Equipment you need: comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge.”
-Leonardo da Vinci-

3 Key benefits of Conscious Walks:

Recharge yourself...


Mindful Awareness

 During a conscious walk, you intentionally direct your attention to the present moment. You observe the sensations of walking, the movement of your body, the feeling of your breath, and the sights and sounds around you. This practice cultivates mindfulness, helping you to be fully present and aware. 


Grounding & Connection

Walking in nature or simply being outside can promote a sense of grounding and connection with the environment. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature, breathe in fresh air, and develop a deeper connection to the earth and its elements.



Conscious walks serve as a form of active meditation that can reduce stress and promote relaxation. By focusing your attention on the present moment, your brain can relax and the mind opens to a greater knowing. 

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