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One level Deeper
A master class is designed to last longer than a regular yoga class. You will give 2.5 hours to explore and dive into a specific topic.

These masterclasses are created to go into a deeper level of experience.

The bestower of magical powers

“Siddhis” are the names of the magical powers that yogis attain when they surpass themselves through their practice.

When they miraculously accomplish something inhuman and find themselves in the process. Hanuman, the son of wind and a monkey princess, possesses such powers because he has preserved the purity of unconditional love in his heart.
Can we also gain extraordinary abilities? How can yoga practice support me? 

This master class is dedicated to this exciting topic, and Hanuman is our inspiration.

 A beautiful story about the journey into the depths of the heart.

bettina noack masterclass.jpg
"Dare to believe the whispers in your ear, that you might be special, that you might be meaningful, that one day you might change the world. It's us you see, the ones who listen, that will change everything." - Atticus

Turning fear into heart power

The handstand and its variations confront us with many of our deepest fears, and that is exactly why we should practice it. In the masterclass, we will learn playfully and systematically which variations of this particular asana exist and how they can influence our inner attitude.
A well-balanced yoga class with many aha-experiences, partner exercises, and the possibility to grow beyond oneself. 

Image by Oksana Taran
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