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One level Deeper

In a workshop, we work even further into the depth of a topic. Here you will get a well-founded impulse to continue to deal with it after the workshop.

If you can also do this with a group of related interests, it becomes a step toward great transformation.


We believe in abundance and beauty in life. We can always connect with Lakshmi, the inner source of splendor, generosity, happiness, grace, charm and joy. We know that everyone can connect with this power and invite it into their lives.

We invite you to take part in this special workshop in which you create your own access to Lakshmi in the form of a crystal mala. Malas are Indian prayer beads, the store energy and can be used as an impulse for the materialization of this energy.

We tune in to the Lakshmi power with your story, your mantra (spoken vibratory frequency), your mudra (hand position), and 20 minutes of easy asana practice (yoga practice, also suitable for the inexperienced).
The individual search for the right crystals (stones) and support in the implementation and completion of this beautiful piece of jewelry will make you shine from the inside and outside.

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Ideal for anyone who has never practiced yoga before and doesn't know if yoga is something for you.

Here you can find out what yoga is, where it comes from, and how it works.
After this workshop, you will undoubtedly be able to attend the regular yoga classes and be familiar with yoga's tools and "do & don'ts of it."
​For everyone curious, open, and interested in yoga.
Maximum number of participants: 8 people

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